Changshu Zhentai Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional R&D and manufacturing enterprise of nonwoven machinery. Relying on Changshu Zhentai Nonwovens Co., Ltd. with more than 20 years of rich nonwoven production experience and profound technical reserves, it stands at the forefront of the nonwoven machinery industry. The main products are: microfiber leather production line/spunlace cloth production line/filter cloth production line/synthetic leather base fabric production line/automotive interior fabric production line/geotextile production line/linoleum base fabric production line/sprayed cotton production line/hard cotton and other complete equipment .
  Zhentai Company always takes “Trusting Zhentai and Satisfying Customers” as its purpose, and is committed to providing global customers with leading technology and reliable quality non-woven machinery.
  Zhentai, build quality non-woven machinery!
  • The company was founded in 2008

  • The company occupies more than 120 acres

  • The company has more than 100 employees

  • Annual production capacity of 200 million yuan


  Since its establishment, Zhentai Company has been guided by the corporate development strategy of "integrity-based, innovation as a sword", continuously investing in technology research and development, and actively carrying out corporate product technology innovation.
  With the joint efforts of technicians and the company, we have won many honors and contributed to the development and progress of China's non-woven machinery and equipment.


Company Culture