About Us

  Changshu Zhentai Nonwovens Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high-quality needle punched nonwoven fabrics and deep-processed derivative products.
  Zhentai's unremitting efforts in the non-woven industry has made the company have a certain reputation in the non-woven industry, possessed advanced equipment, and trained a group of R&D, technical and management personnel.
  The thickness of the non-woven fabric developed and manufactured by Zhentai Company ranges from 60g/m² to 1500g/m², and the width can be customized under 4 meters. At the same time, it has the post-processing capabilities of dipping, adhesive, self-adhesive, hot melt adhesive, dusting, slitting, printing, singeing, etc.
  Zhentai Company takes quality as the life of the company. To ensure the quality of products, it has a fully functional inspection room, with a digital air permeability meter, textile burst strength meter, electronic fabric strength machine, standard light source box, hydraulic rocker cutting machine And other testing equipment.
  The purpose of Zhentai is to trust Zhentai and make every customer satisfied.